Mechanista in G – WMS-03 Maganac

You’d really think an episode on the Maganac would be short. But partially thanks to our guest Monophonic, and partially due to the ridiculous number of pilot customs, we actually have quite a bit to talk about! Dylan even finds time to slander and demean the heroic pilots of the Olifants, who, let the record show, ~I~ think are heroes, whatever insults Dylan throws their way. Thank you for your service. I would never compare you to Uber drivers.

If you want to find us on Twitter, Dylan is @lowpolyrobot and Six is @sixdettmar. A big thank you to Monophonic for guesting, whom you can find at @ADSRelease. Our opening theme is the Hangar Theme from Gundam Breaker 3, and our ending theme for this episode is It’s Just Love by Rumi Ohishi from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing. Our podcast art is a fantastic piece of work from Twitter artist @fenfelt.

Units discussed:
WMS-03 Maganac
WMS-03 Maganac EW
WMS-03 Maganac Abdul Custom
WMS-03 Maganac Abdul Custom EW
WMS-03 Maganac Auda Custom
WMS-03 Maganac Auda Custom EW
WMS-03 Maganac Ahmad Custom
WMS-03 Maganac Ahmad Custom EW
WMS-03 Maganac Rasid Kurama Custom
WMS-03 Maganac Rasid Kurama Custom EW
WMS-03 Maganac Rasid Kurama Custom Frozen Teardrop
WMS-04 Olifant