Romance of the Three Kingdoms Finale – Chapters 118-120

And so the kingdom, long divided, unites. No more Wu and Wei, nor Shu or Han. The Jin Dynasty rises to chart a new future for China. Or… an old future. Because, of course, this all happened a very long time ago. Villains or heroes, the figures of the Three Kingdoms live on as legends, for future generations to wonder upon. We take your questions, and then the two networks, long united, divide.

If you want to contact us on Twitter, Em is at @em_being, Jackson is at @headfallsoff, Jen is at @jbu3, and Six is at @sixdettmar. Our art is made by @saltysprout! The intro music for this episode is the Jin Overture from Dynasty Warriors 7, and our outtro music is History’s Long Shadow from Total War: Three Kingdoms. The Kingdom News bumper is from Strong Bad Email #89.