Romance of the Two Networks – Chapters 70-72

One. Tome. DOWN. Our translation of Three Kingdoms is split into two books, and the first (and longer) of the two is now in the rearview mirror. Also in the rearview: Lei Tong (rip), Yang Xiu (riiiiip), and perhaps… Cao Cao? We won’t know until next time, but it’s a tense time in the ol’ kingdoms, that’s for sure.

If you want to contact us on Twitter, Em is at @em_being, Jackson is at @headfallsoff, Jen is at @jbu3, and Six is at @sixdettmar. Our art is made by @saltysprout! The intro music for this episode is Zheng Jiang’s theme from Total War: Three Kingdoms, and the outro music is Zhang Fei’s theme from Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.