Scanline Tabletop – Starsung Distance Episode Zero

A new campaign begins, but we can’t leave space behind. This is our episode zero for Starsung Distance, a campaign Six is GMing with Jen, Kyrie, and Kat playing. We’re playing Beam Saber, made by Austin Ramsay, which is a hack of Blades in the Dark. In this episode, we’ll set up the setting, the characters, the squad, and the situation they find themselves in. This episode is free, but future episodes of this campaign will be part of our $5+ patron backer tier at If we piqued your interest, we hope you’ll continue this journey with us.

Beam Saber is currently on Kickstarter! You can find it at Its creator, Austin Ramsay, can be found on Twitter at @notaninn. Six is @sixdettmar, Jen is @jbu3, Kyrie is @KyrieAPage, and Kat is comfortably free of Twitter’s oppressive grasp.

Our intro music is Cyber 12 from Demon Souls, a Japanese royalty free music site.