Gimmick Awards 2019 – Best Craft

You know what we love? Buildin shit. It’s cool to make things! If you disagree, uh… I mean I won’t say you’re WRONG but it’s a fundamental element of humanity so maybe you should give it another shot! Jen and Six are joined by their friend Kat to discuss creations in 2019 games! Here are our nominees!

Pyramid (DQB2)
Curry (Pokemon Swish)
Road (Death Stranding)
Levels (Super Mario Maker 2)
Gold Bar (DQB2)
Best game that’s an actual craft (Nintendo Labo)
Mario 3D World levels (Super Mario Maker 2)
Inverse Rocket (Kerbal Space Program)
Camera (Assemble with Care)
HGUC Leo (Gunpla)

But we also have a few non-minees!

Worst Crafting Overall (Pocket Camp)
Missed opportunities (My Time at Portia)
Not actually about crafting (Yoshi’s Crafted World )