Ultimate Despair Reprise After Class – Interview with Brian Beacock

Thrills, chills, kills! Class, we have another special guest, Mr. Monokuma himself! Brian Beacock sat down with Kyrie for an interview! They discuss Brian’s first acting gigs, Kyrie does an impression, and record some great radio.

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter and to check out his Emmy and Indie Series Award winning program Acting Dead, the story of Tate Blodgett who couldn’t get a job even if it killed him, so why not become a zombie and get a gig that way? Inspired by “Parks And Rec” and “Shawn of the Dead,” be sure to check that out! Also, Brian is on Cameo if you want Mr. Monokuma to read you a beary special message!

Music: “Pulling Teeth” by Seth Boyer off the album “Get Rekt”