Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 105 – Somebody Touched my Spaghaetzle

…Two years later when the Lord’s Pitch was finally re-opened they all returned to the Ancients for their delayed final year. Grimstroke missed having an outlet for his creativity so he began to create less permanent body art using magical inks and an anti-erase spell. His friends loved it, they could indulge in sensuous and provocative tattoos that caught the eye but vanished with a simple spell before censorious teachers or parents could complain. Grimstroke knew the Battlefield of the Ancients had a lot of issues with tattoo art especially after its most recent incarnation in the Meepo Tattoo, but he wouldn’t give up the pleasure it gave him.

Unfortunately when he drew Anti-Mage a beautiful unicorn curving intimately around his torso Magina was so enamoured of it he refused to vanish it before he went home to visit his parents. The resulting furious letters to Diruulth and Radinthul had Grimstroke on the receiving end of an official investigation. Magina’s parents were concerned that the body art was far from benign, “it was obviously infused with more magic than the simple preservation and vanishing spells inherent in the ink” they said…

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This intro is a slightly modified version of the Harry Potter fanfic “Ink” by WillowWand49, all credit to them for this writing where all I really changed were proper nouns and pronouns. You can find a link to the fic here if you’re interested: I haven’t really read it myself, I just wanted to have a good goof but still give proper credit to the original artist. Don’t plagiarize, folks!