The Best of Scanline Media… So Far

Jen: Let’s be real for a moment: this has been a frightening week in an already turbulent year. I am still coping with the knowledge that this country has elected a figure who ran on promises of eroding the rights and safety nets of myself and many others that I know and love. But we’re not about to sit down and do nothing.

Here at Scanline Media, we are proud to be sponsoring Run for Our Rights, a 24-hour Sonic ‘06 marathon (yes, that Sonic ‘06) that’s raising funds for the Transgender Law Center. This is an organization dedicated to protecting the freedoms and lives of trans folks, working on both local and national levels. Now more than ever, we need to reach out and protect the vulnerable in our community however we can, and contributing even a little to something like this is a strong first step toward a brighter future.

We’ve compiled a list of our best articles below. Whether you’re a fresh face or an old friend, I cannot stress this enough: we love you all, and we will never stop fighting for you.

Colin: I’ve always meant to try and make it easier for newcomers to quickly find what makes our site special- we’re not a “six articles a day” kind of site, so it can be hard to understand our strengths without a little guide. I hope this list of our strongest, most interesting content can help you see what we’re all about.

When we were DDoS’d by GamerGate last year because of our outspoken rejection of their message of hate and fear, it felt… kind of good, honestly. I’ve got no problem facing down sharks when they come for me. I’ve had an eventful life, I know how to stare down haters. It felt good to shrug off their threats and insults, and even use the chance to revamp the site, and come out the other side stronger.

This is different. We don’t just have internet vultures now, we have a legitimized, powerful regime of hate, and they’re not after our site… they’re after the rights of us, and our friends. Jen and I both owe a lot to the LGBT community, for its kindness, compassion, and care. I want to pay it back. Come on in. We’ll be your shelter, like you’ve been for us.

Enjoy the best of what we’ve made so far, and hopefully, what we’ll do going forward.

Our Best Roger Ebert

-All That You Can’t Leave Behind by Colin:

As amazing as the artifact system in World of Warcraft: Legion is, Colin can’t help but wonder how the game will be able to move on without it.

-Let’s Argue: Bloodborne by Colin, Jen, and Miodrag Kovachevic:

Shortly after the release of Bloodborne, Colin, Jen, and fellow writer and friend Miodrag Kovachevic discuss how successful it is as a Souls game- or if it should even be considered one.

-No Steps Forward, Three Steps Back by Ethan Morris:

Friend of the site Ethan Morris stops by to talk Zelda: how Skyward Sword was meant to be the greatest game ever made, and yet fell well short of that, and how Link Between Worlds is disappointingly unambitious as a response to that failure.

Sharing Our Passions

-No Man’s Sky: The Magic Behind the Mundane by Jen:

It’s easy to pick apart No Man’s Sky for the things it didn’t do, but Jen explains why even some of its supposed failures make it truly special.

-Of Puzzles and Language by Jen:

Long before The Witness taught Jen the vocabulary of its puzzles, she learned the numerals and culture of Riven’s inhabitants.

-Playing in the MUD by Colin:

Colin grew up playing the predecessors of MMORPGs, MUDs. Now, they are all but dead, and he takes a bittersweet look back at a genre that few played, but was almost impossibly free.

-Taking Off the Mask by Colin:

After years of threatening, Colin pulls the trigger on explaining why he thinks The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is quite simply the greatest game of all time.

Boy, We Have Some Thoughts

-A Blind Eye by Jen:

With police violence more visible than ever, Jen plays Battlefield Hardline and finds almost every element to be tasteless.

-Destined for Greatness by Colin:

After dozens upon dozens of hours of uncertainty and confusion, Colin finally snaps, and rails against Destiny for its amazing potential that it constantly refuses to reach.

-Sex or Food? On Nicolas Winding Refn and The Neon Demon by Jen:

Refn may be one of the most stylish modern directors, but Jen finds his treatment of women to be…questionable.

-Shiny is the New Purple:

Do you like Pokemon? The cute little creatures? So does Colin! It’s too bad the makers of the games seem to think of them as secondary to stats and min-maxing.

A Little Bit of Ourselves

-Diabolus Ex Machina by Colin:

Maybe Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t about what you think it’s about. After going through kidney failure, dialysis, and approaching a kidney transplant, Colin thinks it’s actually about living post-transplant.

-I Can’t Escape Anti-Mage by Colin:

Written back when Colin was only beginning his long fall into the crazy world of Dota, read this report of his poor mind being consumed by a vicious losing streak on an unforgivingly hard character.

-The Invisible Act by Jen:

Jen discovers a character in To The Moon that perfectly captures her experience with autism.

-Translating Transistor by Jen:

She wasn’t sold on Transistor after it ended, but upon reflection, Jen realized it was a remarkably potent tragedy.

Hey, We Do Podcasts Too

-Bottle Crow Reborn

A biweekly Dota 2 podcast focused on the pro scene, updates to the game, stories from play, and really garbage ideas. Run by Colin, with at least one of the cohost roster (Emily Dalton and Jesse Cox) on any given episode. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and just old fashioned RSS. Sample episode – Episode 28 – Who Else Eats Sand? (

-Scanline Talks

Our general gaming podcast feed, which has gone through several iterations. We tried a weekly show at one point, we’ve done some reviewcasts, we’ve talked about anime, wrestling, and promotional Taco Bell items. Currently, we’re running a biweekly series called Investigation Team, where we take a deep dive on one particular game, talking about its themes, characters, systems, and more. Working on making it available more places, but for now, just the RSS feed. Sample episodes – Investigation Team: Persona 4, Part 1 (, Reviewcast: Firewatch (