Bottle Crow is Moving!

Hey folks, it’s Colin. Thought I’d put this up here real quick for people who come here wondering what the deal is with Bottle Crow.

The short version? The feed broke, and the way it’s set up, we can’t fix it. We need to start a new one. If you’re subscribed to our RSS feed at the moment, through iTunes or elsewhere, it is not working right now… and won’t ever work again. It’s locked behind login details that we don’t have, because all that stuff was set up by a well-intentioned person who is now gone, taking that login info with them.

So, where does that leave us? Well, we’re in the process of building a new RSS feed to use, and getting the podcast up a lot MORE places- it was on iTunes before, and we’ll get it up there again, but now it’s also on Soundcloud, and we’re looking into Google Play, and other services as well. In the next couple of days we should have more to announce about that… and it’ll be really awesome news, I think =)

For the moment, if you want to listen to Bottle Crow, head to which is its Soundcloud page. Every episode is up there, and by the end of the night they’ll all have dates, descriptions, tags, the works. The future of Bottle Crow is brighter than its ever been. Our teamfight went to hell, but we popped Supernova, and we’re about to burst out of that egg stronger than we’ve ever been. Stay tuned.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to @SixTwoSixFour on Twitter. I’m eager to talk with you guys.