Jennifer Unkle is a critic, podcast host, streamer, fiction author and freelancer. Most of her work lives on Scanline Media, but she’s also written articles for Waypoint and Paste Magazine, along with hosting a podcast on the Abnormal Mapping network called Novel Not New: A True End Podcast.

You can find her on Twitter at @jbu3, or email her at jenunkleATgmailDOTcom.

Six Dettmar is a podcaster, writer, interviewer, and general staff problem-solver for the site. If you don’t like the site’s layout, it’s probably ver fault >.<

You can email ver at cadettmarATgmailDOTcom and at @sixdettmar on Twitter.

Allen Ibrahim is a student, podcaster, and writer. They co-host Chatz: A Television Podcast, as well as regular contributions to Scanline Media. Ask them anything about k-pop, Bulma, or where the best ramen in Boston is.

Kyrie Page is a podcast host, frequent guest, and #content producer from Southern MD. She has hopped all over the place, living and working in Japan, working in counseling, and even barista for one winter. She is known for being interested in multiple topics, having knowledge in but not limited to: fighting games, speedrunning, and cosplay. No matter what it is, Kyrie seems to know something about it.

You can reach her on Twitter @KyrieAPage and email her at KyrieAndyPage AT gmail DOT com.