The Scanline Crew

Six Dettmar is a twenty-something gamer geek living in Southern California. Ambitions of grandeur compromised by having studied Creative Writing instead of a useful major, ve now satisfies verself with the simpler pleasures- Dota 2, ham and brie sandwiches, black tea, and fuzzy blue blankets. Has just enough of a collection of games to seem crazy, but not enough to impress those in the know.

You can email ver at cadettmarATgmailDOTcom, he’s SixTwoSixFour on PSN as well as Steam, and ve’s reachable at @SixTwoSixFour on Twitter.

Jennifer Unkle is a critic, podcast host, streamer, fiction author and freelancer. Most of her work lives on Scanline Media, but she’s also written articles for Waypoint and Paste Magazine, along with hosting a podcast on the Abnormal Mapping network called Novel Not New: A True End Podcast.

You can find her on Twitter at @jbu3, or email her at jenunkleATgmailDOTcom.