The Joys of Agony

In the seven months since Nier: Automata’s release, I’ve played through a number of heavy-hitters and memorable gems alike, yet none have had the same level of permanence. The wounds left by Yoko Taro’s depressing masterpiece never closed: “Vague Hope (Cold Rain)” still makes me tear up without fail, and few things give me greater …


Volume Review: Unsubscribed

On its face, Volume is an ambitious step up for Mike Bithell and his merry collaborators after their critical darling, Thomas Was Alone. They’ve gone from a two-dimensional platforming adventure starring colorful rectangles to a top-down sneaking mission reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid’s early days. Touting 100 “core” levels, a sophisticated level editor and a …


Review: Castles in the Sky

As a culture, we often romanticize the large moments of triumph, like scoring the winning goal, finishing the last stretch of a run or rescuing a kitten from a burning building. These moments are indeed worthy of celebration, but in our rush to worship at the feet of a larger-than-life victory, we tend to forget …


The Monaco Job

  Picture this; you’re casing a bank with three other partners in crime, each bringing their own skillset to the table. You pick the lock of a door, allowing the Lookout to observe the layout and memorize the guard patterns.