Goddamn Mondays: 6/25

You know… I would generally say that I enjoy doing Goddamn Mondays. It’s an excuse to force myself to play things I haven’t gotten around to, and then to write in a casual, easygoing manner that comes rather natural to me. Sometimes the gameplay can be a bit frustrating, of course, but it’s usually an …


Goddamn Mondays: 6/10

I’ve been doing fresh playthroughs of games thus far for Goddamn Mondays, but this week, we’re playing a game that I started, and almost immediately hit a wall on. I expect I’ll be beating my head against that wall for the rest of this article, so, enjoy. Dark Souls, comin’ atcha.

Goddamn Mondays: 5/7

Another Monday, another backlogged game. This week, we’ll be playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition on the PS2. Now, it’s true I haven’t really played this game, but me and it do have some history.

Goddamn Mondays: 4/29

It’s Monday, and god dammit. So let’s cheer ourselves up with some quality video games! I wanted to play some SNES games, but as it turns out, I’ve actually played almost all the SNES titles that I own… and the few that remain wouldn’t really work for a Goddamn Mondays. So instead, we’re going classic …