The Lost World(s) of Azeroth

My time as a World of Warcraft raider was fairly brief: it lasted about an expansion and a half, before I stopped doing WoW’s raids with organized groups altogether. Getting together ten to twenty-five skilled, max level, kitted out players in the appropriate roles on a regular basis was exhausting, even if you weren’t in …


All That You Can’t Leave Behind

World of Warcraft is full of storied characters, locations, events, and even weapons: artifacts of great power, that turned the tide of various conflicts in deus ex machina-ian fashion. Let me tell you a story about a sword called the Ashbringer. Forged from a crystal of pure Light (oh, sorry- in Warcraft lore, Light with …


Scanline Status – Episode 5

The world of Azeroth never left you- you left it. And you were right to leave, and it’s sorry, but baby, it’s changed. Baby, come back. Fight the Legion. Try out our new class revamps. Or maybe you’d prefer a nice mobile game about hacking people’s personal accounts? Maybe what you really need is just …


Playlist: May 25th

So, how about that Xbox One, eh? “XONE,” if you’re feeling casual. We Scanners are a little skeptical, and it seems a lot of the internet is as well, but E3 will of course be the real judge of the thing.