Life is Strange: Episode 1

Being the first episode of a full season, I am reviewing this without giving away too many details. Future entries will contain spoilers, as it will discuss the events of the episodes, assuming that readers will have completed previous episodes in the story. As much as I love Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead …


Aborted Impressions: Resident Evil Revelations

There’s no question that Capcom have lost their way with its venerable horror franchise, Resident Evil. From a B-grade blockbuster film franchise to the maligned Resident Evil 6, public opinion has never been lower. Desperate to turn the tide and get back to the heart of S.T.A.R.S., Capcom released Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS …


From the Ashes – The Cross Tekken Story

Fighting games are one genre where the margin between a bad game and a great game can be astonishingly razor thin. When you get down to it, they’re all about balance, and balance boils down to basic variables- hitboxes, hurtboxes, animations, damage, health, and their ilk. Numbers. No game illustrates how much these little things …


The Monaco Job

  Picture this; you’re casing a bank with three other partners in crime, each bringing their own skillset to the table. You pick the lock of a door, allowing the Lookout to observe the layout and memorize the guard patterns.

Skullgirls: Proof of Concepts

Fresh bit of news from the Skullgirls front– Lab Zero has created video demonstrations of how some of the more outlandish of the proposed DLC characters might work. These demos are made using existing assets, so they may look a little sloppy, but they get the point across, and should help anyone who contributed (or …