The Johto Quorum – 102-132

This week, it’s another guest episode! Our good friend Ryan (@BluestRose430 on Twitter) drops in as we push towards the end of Kanto’s pokedex. Boy, there sure are some stinkers in this part of the dex, huh? But next episode, we’ll finish out Kanto with a bang. Our podcast art is done by Robin (@CourageousRobin …


Ultimate Despair Reprise Episode 03 – Feetie Pajamas

The gang finds themselves reeling after the loss of 3 people, so what better way to deal with the stress then with milk tea, sauna contests, and arguing over literature? Our hosts get to hang out with the students, but one is taken from us far too quickly. Play in new window | Download

The Johto Quorum – 072-101

The Quorum assembles once again, as Allen and Six are joined by Allen’s cohost from Chatz: hey, it’s Magellan! With our council gathered, we begin to delve into the doldrums of Kanto, where mediocre monsters seek potential pockets. We’ll see who makes their way into ours… this week on TJQ. Our podcast art is done …


The Johto Quorum – The Cities of Kanto

Our list of pocketable monsters can wait for another day. Today, we’ve got another pokemon-based score to settle. What if we ranked every city and town in the Kanto region of Pokemon? Note: towns from the main series games only, no towns only in the anime or weird side games. Jump in with us! Our …


The Johto Quorum – 035-71

Our journey to whittle down the roster of pocket monsters continues, and Six and Allen find their resolve tested. Six’s favorite pokemon is in this batch, as well as several divisive creatures! Can “disgusting” be a good thing? Are there necessary bummers? Why does Machoke exist? All questions worth asking, and keeping on your mind …