Gimmick Awards 2018 Part 1 – Best Fighting Game

The 2018 Gimmick Awards have begun! We kicked off with Ryan and Allen’s year in music, and now we’re here with the awards themselves! Six, Jen, and Harri assemble for category one: the Best Fighting Game of 2018! Play in new window | Download

Spoilercast: Red Dead Redemption 2

Six and Jen have played a lot of Red Dead Redemption. 1, 2, and online. And frankly? They can’t play another minute without recording some thoughts about the experience, because these games are a lot. Boy howdy, Rockstar games usually are, huh? This podcast is full of SPOILERS so consider yourself warned. Play in …


The GachaPod Episode 2 – Dragalia Lost

The title up there says this is The GachaPod. Listen… that’s not the real name. That’s the name we can say and use on services like iTunes without a stern talking to. You’ll hear the real name of this show at the start of the podcast. We’ll have a rotating cast across this sporadically updated …


Webcast Insomniac’s Spider-Man

CW: Spoilers! Can he swing From a web Yes he can Press R2 For a long time now, folks have been craving a followup to the PS2 classic Spider-Man 2 that treated the traversal with the same spirit of joy and motion. Leave it to Insomniac Games, makers of Sunset Overdrive, to take up that …