Chatting About Breath of the Wild

Jen and Colin teamed up with special guest Andy to discuss The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Sharkboys, rainstorms, criminally underdeveloped society, and mecha elephants! Would the game be better with no dungeons at all, and just shrines? Why can’t we just talk to the monsters? We don’t really discuss that last one …


Bottle Crow Reborn – Patch 7.03 Special

Are you ready to get spooky scary with Juggernaut? He’s possessed by a ghOooOooOooOOoOost! Colin and Nick are here to break down the patch notes for patch 7.03. Jakiro’s got a new look, Pudge has got a worse hook, and the Enchantress buffs are okay in my book. New Captain’s Mode UI! That’s CAPTAIN Monkey …


Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 44 – Close iTunes

As a veteran podcaster, I can confidently say that this episode is in fact one of those. Podcasts, I mean. Guarantees beyond that are impossible to offer. Nick and Colin run together at the eleventh hour to record an episode about Group MMR, the Treasure 3, terrible metaphors, Overwatch?, licking Switch cartridges??, and more. I …


Bottle Crow Reborn: IceFraud and Surge

IceFrog’s little brother IceFraud is back, and this time he’s got a guest- Purge’s big brother, Surge! Between the two of them, can they solve all of Dota’s problems? No. They probably can’t even solve one. But they do have an idea for a new primary stat, new items, and two new heroes. Terrible ideas …


Game of the Year 2016 Podcast

It all comes down to this! After three days of side awards, Jen and Colin sit down to decide the GAME OF THE YEAR, and its nine runners up! One must stand! Many must fall! Nine must kinda like sit down or something! Let’s DO THIS! Play in new window | Download

Gimmicks Awards 2016: Part Three

Day three of our GotY podcasts is the last of our Gimmick Awards, and this time Colin and Jen are joined by guest Emily, one of the hosts of Bottle Crow! Most Story 0:53 Most Sempai 14:16 Best Outfit (Presented by Romantic Diary) 26:18 Robot of the Year 47:49 Best Old Character 1:00:39 Play …


Gimmick Awards 2016: Part 2

Our 2016 Gimmick Awards continue as Colin and Jen roll into day 2! Today’s categories are Best Hitman Level, Crime of the Year, Most Hungry Game, and Most Thirsty Game. This one’s a doozy, I promise. Best Hitman Level 0:50 Crime of the Year 16:32 Most Hungry Game 40:17 Most Thirsty Game 55:26 Play …