Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 131 – The Theme of Spear Bud

Music rings across the streets of Garlemald, and Professor Sirus nan Siles tries desperately to run faster. He knows that sound too well. For many a Garlean commander, leader of black ops projects or dark science experiment, that music has been the last thing they ever heard. It heralds the coming of the golden avenger, clad in armor and bearing a lance whose tip has never failed to pierce the heart of its target. If only Carlton was here. Where was that boy? He needed him. He needed him now.

He rounded the corner, and slid to a stop. That golden warrior had been waiting for him. Why? What had he done wrong? It was just science. He was just trying to isolate the Warrior Gene. That was why he’d tried to kidnap those dogs. They held the secret to creating the ultimate soldier! It was SCIENCE! But the avenger standing in his path wasn’t one to listen to reason. Professor Siles could only stare, wide-eyed, as the creature leapt into the air. “Spear… Bud…” he gasped, before the spear ended his life.

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