Romance of the Two Networks – Total War with Rowan Kaiser

It’s Two Networks time, but we’ve swapped out one of the networks! Six and Jen from Scanline Media are joined by strategy and tactics expert, games journalist and media critic Rowan Kaiser, representing Idle Thumbs by way of Three Moves Ahead. With her expertise in tow, we delve deeper than ever into Total War: Three Kingdoms, talking serious shop about the latest (and greatest?) Total War game, and a spectacular Three Kingdoms title.

WARNING: There are some spoilers for Three Kingdoms the book in here, past the point that we’ve read. Frankly they sailed right over my head, I couldn’t really make sense of them =P but they are there if you seek to remain pure.

If you want to contact us on Twitter, Jen is at @jbu3, Six is at @sixdettmar, and Rowan is at @RowanKaiser. Our art is made by @saltysprout! The intro music for this episode is Heaven Awaits, and our outtro music is The Promise of Tomorrow. Both are from Total War: Three Kingdoms.