Romance of the Two Networks – Chapters 1-3

Here begins our pod. The two networks, working alone, must unite; working united, must divide. Jennifer Unkle and Six Dettmar of Scanline Media share hosting with Jackson Tyler and Em Marko of Abnormal Mapping as the four delve deep into one of the most beloved stories of all time: Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A few chapters at a time, the group will explore this era of heroes and villains, feats and fortune.

In this first episode, we read the first three chapters, and watch the Yellow Scarves carve away at the already crumbling foundation of the Han Empire. The three great heroes Xuande, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu swear an oath of brotherhood to save their land, Cao Cao begins to orchestrate his own future, and Dong Zhuo seizes the momentum through two consecutive parties. Also, lots of people make very bad decisions.

If you want to contact us on Twitter, Em is at @em_being, Jackson is at @headfallsoff, Jen is at @jbu3, and Six is at @sixdettmar. Our art is placeholder, we’ll get some real art soon! The intro music for this episode is the menu music from Total War: Three Kingdoms, and the ending theme is Look Alive! from Dynasty Warriors 4.