Hello, Scanline Fiction!

After way, WAY too much fiddling, say hello to the new Scanline Fiction section! Please note the typewriter featured image: if you see that on a post, that means it’s fiction! I wanted to be sure that people knew before they clicked what was fiction, and what was editorial content. You can also sort into just the Fiction with the new Fiction option on the top menu.

This is Six, by the way, if that wasn’t clear. We’re starting with just two fics, one from Jen and one from me. Jen’s is a fanfic she wrote earlier this year, where, post Kingdom Hearts 3, the gang is going to a special school to get caught up on education (and life)! It was originally written for Archive of Our Own (and is still up there), and here’s the summary she wrote for it there: “Sora gets up for school one morning, only to find that he now looks like Vanitas. When no one else takes him seriously, can he rely on his best friend to believe him?” It’s titled Am I Still Me?

The fic I’m putting up is from a year and a half ago: A Champion’s Burden, a Breath of the Wild fanfic I wrote about an AU where Link failed, and it falls to Mipha to wander Hyrule for years, searching for the next chosen hero.

There will be more fic: I have another one, my Fire Emblem Heroes fic that requires some serious CSS code to make it show up right >.< and we’ll also write other stuff sometimes. Mostly, given that Scanline is meant to be a living portfolio for all of our work, it just feels good to have this stuff up on here.

Interested in getting on here? If you’re a friend, reach out on Twitter or Discord or whatever! We’re happy to host other folk too =)