Ill-Gotten Games Episode 3 – Epic Games Store

Well, here we go again, eh? Before you go too much further, please understand the conceit of this episode: while the Epic Games Store has its problems as a service, the bigger problem lies with the reaction of fanatical gamer abusers who use their dislike of it along with racism and xenophobia as a justification for vile and toxic acts. We don’t love the Epic Games Store here at Scanline, but we sure as shit don’t hate it, and we find ourselves in the unusual position of defending it because the people who do hate it are such irredeemable dirtbags. Their anger, ultimately, is a manifestation of the malice and power-hungry nature of capitalism, and so we’re here to fight it.

We’re really not sure when there will be another one of these episodes: if we get mad at video game capitalism again, we’ll be back!

The intro music for this episode is the song Shared Dig from Unreal Gold by Epic Games. It was composed by Alexander Brandon.