Ultimate Despair Reprise After Class – Interview with Dorothy Elias-Fahn

We’re psychic. Kidding! We just have really good guests. Kyrie sat down with Dorothy Elias-Fahn, voice of Sayaka Maizono, Chihiro Fujisaki, and Tsumugi Shirogane for an interview! Listen in to hear about her work in the industry, favorite roles, and some shocking surprises! Thanks to her for taking time out of her schedule to talk with us! (Spoiler Warning: Danganronpa v3)

Be sure to check out Dorothy out on Twitter and her website! Also, check our her latest role in the the Netflix original kids show “Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed!” along a few other Danganronpa alumni! Season One is out now.

Music: “Pulling Teeth” from the album “Get Rekt” by Seth Boyer.