Neutral Game – Interview with LostSoul

This week, Six had the opportunity to sit down with Guilty Gear pro and Evo 2018 top 3 player, LostSoul. One of the best GG players in the US, the Elphelt from the East Coast has proved that result was anything but a fluke, with impressive tournament showings that cement him as perhaps the best Elphelt in the world. Six sat down with him to talk about everything from his start in the arcades, to how he picks a main, to the merits of an unbalanced game. Please, enjoy the interview.

Neutral Game will have a regular episode early next week. Until then, please enjoy this rare opportunity I received! LostSoul can be found at @Lost_Relic on Twitter, his Twitch channel is here, and he plans to attend Texas Showdown 19 next month if you want a chance to see him work!