Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 117 – Toxic Queue

[The following is an excerpt from “Chemical Disturbances Through the Ages” by Prof. M. Midas.]

…So clearly, there is a distinction between being “poisonous” and being “toxic.” However, the two can also seem very similar at an initial assessment. If one takes at face value the claims of Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” and Brittney Spears’s “Toxic,” it is readily apparently that in individuals, both “poisonous” and “toxic” individuals can be recognized as being extremely attractive, perhaps irresistible, but also ultimately corrosive to the mental and spiritual wellbeing of any who endeavors to maintain a relationship with them. The gentlemen of Bell Biv DeVoe are quiet specific, claiming that a poisonous individual must have “a big butt and a smile,” whereas Ms. Spears is more vague, commenting more on the addictive nature of interactions with a toxic soul…

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