Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 115 – Fun or Dota

What does it mean to “steal” a spell? After all, when Rubick steals a spell, it’s not like the original caster loses anything. You wouldn’t steal a CAR. Don’t steal a SPELL. Is that it? It’s like online piracy? And in that case… is it like reposting someone else’s art, or is it like torrenting a movie? Are spells copyrighted? Can you sue over spell theft, and if so, do you have to prove it’s the exact same spell, or can you get in trouble for a “similar” spell that’s clearly inspired by another? Anti-Mage predates Queen of Pain, can he sue her for copying Blink? Or is Blink a public domain spell?

I guess I’m saying, Happy Feast of Winterveil.

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