The Garnet Wager Episode 37 – Middle Race (S3E9)

No, you’re not misreading… it’s Middle Race again. It’s the same Main Match from this SAME SEASON. They added and removed roles, they made some balance changes, it’s being played with guests, but it… it’s still Middle Race. But at least we’ve got a new DM to freshen things up! …Oh. We don’t have that either. It’s the Memory Maze DM from last week. I… I think I need to sit down.

If you want to play Fantasy Genius with us, we’ve got everything you need! The RSS feed has episodes explaining the rules, and here is a link to Google Document versions of those rules, and the current point totals!

Our new artwork is a commission from the amazing Bitmap Prager! Please enjoy seeing Scanline-chan as the Bandage Man, and consider checking out more of Bitmap’s work!

If you want to find Six on Twitter, ve’s at @sixdettmar. We’ll happily take any questions or feedback, if you’re so inclined.

The Intro 0:00
The Main Match (Middle Race) 1:24
The Homework (Pokemon Trading Card Game)
The Death Match (Memory Maze)