The Garnet Wager Episode 25 – Elevator Game (S2E11)

It’s about to get real lonely at the top. Our final three of Junghyun, Yohwan, and Sangmin are faced with three returning players ready for revenge… or perhaps to make a deal. Then we duck into homework for a little more fighting game talk (we’ll stop after this, promise!) before we head into our Death Match. Wait… it’s Black and White again? FFFFFFFFF

If you want to play Fantasy Genius with us, we’ve got everything you need! Here is a link to the rules we wrote up, and here is the current point total!

If you want to find Allen on Twitter, they’re at @allenibrahim. Six is @sixdettmar. We’ll happily take any questions or feedback, if you’re so inclined.

The Intro 0:00
The Main Match (Elevator Game) 1:33
The Homework (Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]) 28:14
The Death Match (Black and White) 42:44