Oops All Anime Gaiden Episode 5 – RWBY Spoilercast

Much like our last podcast was a roundabout discussion of RWBY Volume 1, this episode is a roundabout sort of spoilercast. We actually try not to spoil very much? Six and Olivia talk in general terms about the five seasons of RWBY, their themes, and the progression of the development team as they find their legs making a story serially. We aim to preserve as much mystery as we can: we only spoil enough to entice, and to pitch the show generally. Or unpitch it? Gosh. It’s not all champagne and caviar, I tell ya.

If you want to contact us, Olivia is @OliviaZircon on Twitter, and Six is @sixdettmar. Oops All Anime Gaiden is experimenting with a weekly schedule now, so hopefully, we’ll have more for you next Thursday! We’re not sure what we’re covering yet, but we’ll figure it out.

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