The Garnet Wager Episode 21 – God’s Judgment (S2E7)

Who will the dice favor… or perhaps the better question is, who knows how to EARN the favor of the dice? On this episode of the Genius, our competitors in this high stakes game are forced to roll the bones… but don’t be deceived, this game isn’t about luck. Only with planning, skill, and cunning will one player rise above. Then, we’ll witness a tense death match even MORE subject to the whims of fate… after we mellow out with a bit of jazz.

If you want to play Fantasy Genius with us, we’ve got everything you need! Here is a link to the rules we wrote up, and here is the current point total!

If you want to find Allen on Twitter, they’re at @allenibrahim. Six is @sixdettmar. We’ll happily take any questions or feedback, if you’re so inclined.

The Intro 0:00
The Main Match (God’s Judgment) 1:33
The Homework (Turnabout Jazz Soul) 36:16
The Death Match (Indian Hold’em) 48:00