Oops All Anime Sampler 3 – Code Geass Ep. 1-5

It’s time for another Oops All Anime Sampler! The show has trucked on with weekly episodes and a ton of exciting guests! Want to know what you’re missing? Here’s the latest episode, released for free to everyone!
After years of exile, the day has finally come. Six is ready to introduce Jen to a show that was once very important in ver life, and ve’s now kind of embarrassed about. But ve can’t do it alone. Abnormal Mapping’s Jackson Tyler tags in for the assist as we talk Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revolution, and its first five episodes. The revolution will be televised… by Pizza Hut.
It’s so great to finally have Jackson on: it’s been a long time in the planning! Thank you to them for guesting, make sure to check out the Abnormal Mapping podcast network and Jackson’s personal twitter. Thanks also to our patrons: this was an episode we’ve really wanted to do, and it’s only through your support that we were able to.
Next week: Jackson and Six talk about the rest of Code Geass in a spoiler-packed extravaganza! Be sure to visit our Patreon and support us so you don’t miss that episode!