Ill-Gotten Games Episode 1 – Steam Store Curation

As much as we love video games, the business practices around them can be repugnant. The ugly nature of capitalism is often in full effect, and normal people bear the weight of the greed and selfishness of corporations. This is Ill-Gotten Games, a podcast where we talk about the worst ways capitalism can poison our passion. Join Six Dettmar and Jennifer Unkle on this first episode as we talk about the Steam Store curation debacle of the last few months, and Valve’s careless approach to running a marketplace.

We’re really not sure if there will be another one of these episodes: if we get mad at video game capitalism again, we’ll be back!

The intro music for this episode is “Roaring Flames” by Ryunacore from the soundtrack of Reject Demon Toko, a game by Lupiesoft.