The Garnet Wager Episode 18 – 7 Commandments (S2E5)

This week, the laws are what we make them. The players of The Genius Season 2 are forming their 7 Commandments, passing and shooting down laws in a game inspired by the legal process. Obviously former politician Junghyun will dominate such a game, right?

Yeah, about thaaaaaaat…. 

If you want to play Fantasy Genius with us, we’ve got everything you need! Here is a link to the rules we wrote up, and here is the current point total!

If you want to find Allen on Twitter, they’re at @allenibrahim. Six is @sixdettmar. We’ll happily take any questions or feedback, if you’re so inclined.

The Intro 0:00
The Main Match (7 Commandments) 1:33
The Homework (Hollandaise) 32:30
The Death Match (Sun, Moon, Star) 44:37