The Garnet Wager Episode 13 – Season 2 Pre-Game

On this quiet week, Allen and Six gather with Genius Online founder Shane Raymond to play a variant of Gyul! Hap! Afterwards, they ready themselves for season 2, reading the bios of all the contestants. Lots of new players, but a few old favorites as well! Season 2 of The Garnet Wager will arrive… June 6th!

If you want to find Allen on Twitter, they’re at @allenibrahim. Six is @sixdettmar. We’ll happily take any questions or feedback, if you’re so inclined.

The Challenge (Gyul! Number!) 0:00
The Intro 22:45
The Player Profiles 23:54
The Homework (Westerado: Double Barreled) 1:07:30
The Postmortem 1:11:26