Bottle Crow Reborn Episode 97 – Rockin’ Rhythms of Nick’s Neighbors

I think I’ve made every possible variant of a Navi’s Back/Navi’s Not Back joke at this point. Honestly, I’m at my wit’s end. I need someone to guide me back to a quality joke. A… Navigator. …Hmm, nope. That was not the joke. I truly am lost. The ESL screws up another tournament, faulty Roshan statues flood the market, Valve lashes out at visual novels, and we played a game with a Gold Hero Mastery Techies. Sound stressful? We’ll help you relax by teaching you how to make a nice, cleansing miso soup. Or… the stock for it, before we get distracted >.< It’s okay, here’s what we forgot… bring it to a simmer, add miso to taste, add seaweed, add tofu! There you go.

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