Oops All Anime Gaiden Episode 1 – Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

Oops All Anime is getting into FRANCHISING! Introducing Oops All Anime Gaiden, the spinoff show starring Joy Zircon and Six Dettmar! We’re going in depth with shows that Oops All Anime prime won’t touch… and we’re not patron-exclusive! This show free to the public! This week, we’re tackling the first three episodes of the Fate series spinoff, Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family! Get cooking with your favorite (???) Fate characters as you learn Shirou’s tricks of the kitchen! The show’s episodes are only 12 minutes, so join us in this recipe for success!

If you want to contact us, Joy is @JoyConWitch on Twitter, and Six is @sixdettmar. Oops All Anime Gaiden does not have a regular schedule, but we’ll be back with more at some point in the near future! Our next show will be Lupin the Third Part 5!

If you liked this show, consider watching the podcast it’s a spinoff of, Oops All Anime! It’s available to patrons over at patreon.com/scanlinemedia!