Neutral Game Episode 16 – Frame Data

One of the most common scapegoats for players frustrated by the complexity of games, frame data is demonized as the inscrutable language of the elite that the average player cannot make use of. You have to be OBSESSIVE to learn frame data. It’s such a BURDEN, it’s unreasonable! Or… is it? Maybe you’re thinking about frame data the wrong way. Maybe you can just dip your toe in, just a little, and come out a stronger player. Miodrag and Six are here to help you understand this misunderstood cornerstone of fighting games. What is frame data? What does it mean? And how can I make it work for me, without doing a whole ton of studying? We’ve got your back.

You can contact Six on Twitter at @sixdettmar, and Miodrag at @MDKII. We’ll see you again in a month!