January 2018 Patreon Stream: Jen Plays Wolfenstein II!

CONTENT WARNINGThe opening 10 minutes of this stream archive features a scene of child/spousal abuse from Wolfenstein II: The New Order.

First, I’d like to apologize: I haven’t been great at getting these streams/video features up on time, and it’s something I’ll need to work on. On the upside, we have a backlog of videos that will be trickling out over the next few days!

For my first Patreon stream of 2018, I played through the opening hours of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It’s an enjoyable enough shooter, but just like the first game (well, “first”: there’s a truck full of Wolfensteins), its eclectic cast of characters and belief in good people rebelling against absolute evil makes it truly special. And hey, who doesn’t want to bury a hatchet in a Nazi, or make a resistance fighter’s day by bringing them to a working toilet?

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