Oops All Anime Sampler 1 – Recovery of an MMO Junkie Ep. 1

Hello out there all you free souls, clamoring for adventure! You know what’s the greatest adventure of all? Anime.

…Wow, can I start over. God. Uhm, so, we have a Patreon! Hopefully you knew that. That Patreon mostly is just like a tip jar, to help us expand our coverage… but there is one piece of exclusive content. It’s our weekly anime tryout podcast, Oops All Anime! We talk about the first few episodes of various anime, usually with a guest, and our thoughts! It’s really fun, we’re having a great time with it. Anyway, this is a little sampler of that show: one of two podcasts we recorded with friend Andy discussing Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

Both of those podcast episodes are free: if you like this, there’s a lot more like it on our Patreon! For just $1 a month you can get access to that feed. Chew on that idea, while you listen to this preview of what the show is all about.