Friend Request Episode 19 – Guardian & Ghost, Sam & Lonnie

Sequels are often a progression and development of the strengths of the original, but sometimes part of the predecessor’s appeal can be left behind in the efforts to improve. Such is the case with Destiny 1, where part of the charm of the Guardian and the Ghost as characters and partners simply didn’t make the jump into Destiny 2. One hesitates to theorize about the nature of the relationship between two immortals, but perhaps Ghost talks so much that the Guardian has started to feel like a redundant voice… and thus isn’t using theirs.

Similarly, we only ever hear Sam’s side of her relationship with Lonnie in Gone Home, but I doubt it’s because of any relationship troubles: it’s more simply because you’re at Sam’s house. Still, through notes, journal entries, and random evidence around the house, you feel out the texture of the teenage romance, and it’s really quite sweet.

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