Friend Request Episode 16 – Richard Conway, Kat

We’re doing a bit of an experiment this week on Friend Request. Thus far we’ve focused on relationships between characters, and that will still be a recurring topic, but what if we were to simply talk individual characters? For this experiment, we’re going to discuss Richard Conway, the freelance spy from Gunpoint, as well as Kat, Gravity Rush’s resident Gravity Queen and magical girl. Apologies that the intro is kinda lame this week- Hearts Burning Bright is as great as ever, but we picked two games that don’t really have much voicework to speak of, so it was hard to get good samples. Lesson learned, we’ll keep that in mind in the future!

Have a relationship we absolutely need to discuss? Hit us up on Twitter! Colin is @SixTwoSixFour, Jen is @jbu3. We’re going to post episodes every Wednesday going forward, and we’ll work on getting this on iTunes and Google Play! See you next week!