The Barren Nature of Pokemon Go

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about how the Pokemon games aren’t really about Pokemon. It’s a thought that’s been gnawing at me for years, and it turns out it’s rather fortuitously timed, for this year has seen the biggest resurgence of Pokemon popularity in years. I am speaking, of course, about Pokemon Go. …


Bottle Crow Episode 31 – Artstyle, You God

This week on Bottle Crow, we travel back… way back. Watching pro Dota 2 from TI1-TI2 era, we’ve come to some realizations about commentary, pro player insight, and what needs to be done with Pudge. The solo queue life is getting Colin down, and Valve’s negligence is getting on everyone’s nerves. Sorry for the bummer …


FATED: The Silent Oath – Shake It Off

What standard should a VR title be held against when critically examined? We’re mere months into the life of a brand new format, and while many of its projects don’t share the complexity of your average first person shooter, the novelty of actually aiming down sights or painting with your own hands is undeniably potent. …


Zero Patience Dilemma

Ben and Colin have finished Zero Time Dilemma, and have a podcast of thoughts for you! Crashing the party is friend of the site Emily, who isn’t short on opinions of her own. The Zero Escape series may finally have come to a close with this third installment, but the debate will rage on forever- …


Bottle Crow Special – The Overwatch Effect

On this Bottle Crow Special Colin interviews Michael Capps, a longtime friend of his, about his gradual fallout with Dota, slide into more casual play, and how Overwatch got him interested in the concept of competitive gaming again. It’s just a little thing, but I didn’t want the RSS feed to go… unfed just because …


Scanline Status – Episode 2

With E3 in the rear view mirror, Ben, Colin, and Johnny get together to discuss their thoughts on the show, David Cage’s delusions, Paradox strategy games, World War 1, and… Burger King? This and much more on the second episode of our semi-regular podcast, Scanline Status! Play in new window | Download