Ben and Colin Return to Clandestine

It’s been a while since Colin and I traipsed through the 90s-tinted world of Clandestine, a co-op stealth game with more than a few rough edges. After a year in Early Access, Logic Artists have cast off their pre-release status and hit publish, adding an overarching plot, dialogue trees and tweaks that make the hacker’s job even more challenging. Naturally, this seemed like the best time to revisit and get a feel for the final product.

Over an hour later, I feel rather torn over Clandestine’s ultimate form. The ambition is there and the hacking is a blast, but everything they try outside of the espionage bounces between so-bad-it’s-good and just plain bad. The stealth end of the coin also leaves a lot to be desired: Kat gets hung up on walls far too easily and lacks the agility that goes hand-in-hand with the occupation. Still, there isn’t anything else quite like Clandestine, and having a friend in your earpiece makes these problems far more bearable.