Bottle Crow Hatcast – Tip of the Hat

In the world of the hatless, the beret’d man is king. Are you crazy for Drow’s Mask of Madness? Are you pumped for Chaos Knight’s Armlet of Mordiggan? Do you wish I’d stop with this clumsy wordplay? Come in, friend. Come in, brother. There are so many things we can show you on this special episode of Bottle Crow. Infinite wonders to behold. Most of them are hats.

Big thanks to our returning guest Emily for rappin’ with me about cosmetics. We’re on iTunes! You can subscribe there, and leave a review if you like! That would really help us out. You can find Johnny on Twitter at @JohnnyWarpzone, Colin is @SixTwoSixFour, and the official Bottle Crow twitter is @BottleCrow. Email your questions to [email protected]! See again in two weeks!