Analogue: A Hate Talk

Recently my friend Johnny Niska of Score Attack and played through a pair of Christine Love’s visual novels, Analogue: A Hate Story and its sequel Hate Plus. Fascinating games that are criminally under-discussed, we decided to record a half hour spoilercast of our thoughts and impressions. What should have been half an hour stretched to forty-five minutes, and the end result is a discussion of the two games that I’m glad to present to you today.

As the “spoilercast” moniker suggests, the podcast includes major spoilers, and if you were planning on playing these games, I would play them before giving it a listen. If, however, you weren’t, maybe these two friends shootin’ the shit can convince you the games are worth your time. Enjoy!

You can find Johnny Niska on Twitter as @JohnnyWarpzone, and Score Attack as @ScoreAttackPod.