Goddamn Mondays: 7/15

This week, I played some Rogue Legacy. After several hours of fascinating playtime, I realized that my usual play-by-play of the time I spent with the game was inadequate for this one. The situation of Rogue Legacy’s characters was so strange and fascinating that I felt compelled to delve further into that world. So I …


Playlist: July 14th

Well, been a bit of a chaotic week. I (Colin) got back from a trip home late on Monday, and scrambled to put a Goddamn Mondays together… and failed. Gar! Well, I’ll have something interesting for tomorrow, at least. Even though I’ve been watching so much EVO that I’ve barely done anything else. PLAYED Surgeon …


Review: Gun Monkeys

When I first heard of Gun Monkeys, I salivated like a starving Saint Bernard. Throwing randomized multiplayer madness, adorable trigger-happy chimps and the warm glow of Kevin Eldon’s soothing voice into one punch bowl seems like the perfect recipe for a smashing good time.

Streaming: Evo and Beyond

Even now, professional gamers the world over are headed to Las Vegas, grabbing planes and buses to their hotels. In two days, Evolution 2013, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, will commence. I’ve done my best to introduce you to the sometimes frighteningly deep world of fighting games- told you about the games that will …


Rest Easy, Ryan Davis

Colin: I was in an airport waiting for a flight back home when I learned of Ryan Davis’s passing. My first instinct was that it was some sort of poorly thought out joke, and then the reality of it hit me like a knife. I stood up, leaving my sister to watch our luggage, and …


Playlist: July 6th

Between a rooftop party and several trips to the beach, this week was a great start for July! It’s only going to get crazier once the Steam summer sale begins and two old-school franchises make their triumphant(?) return to the zeitgeist.

Crew Review: The Last of Us

With Naughty Dog’s creation finally off the shelves and in our homes, Ben and I couldn’t wait to dig in. Once the end credits had finally rolled for both of us, we sat down to commit our thoughts to a page.