Goddamn Mondays: 6/10

I’ve been doing fresh playthroughs of games thus far for Goddamn Mondays, but this week, we’re playing a game that I started, and almost immediately hit a wall on. I expect I’ll be beating my head against that wall for the rest of this article, so, enjoy. Dark Souls, comin’ atcha.

Playlist: June 7th

Comeback week here on Scanline. After a week and a half with no computer access to speak of, I return, and I’ve got a lot to write about. With E3 coming up so, so rapidly, it looks like that’s just in time, too. Look for a suite of articles next week, written on my brand …


The Least of Us

It was a bittersweet moment earlier this year when I received God of War: Ascension as a birthday gift. It was a very considerate gift, and I was extremely grateful for it, but just earlier the same day I’d been listening to the Giant Bombcast as they ripped the game a new asshole for being …


Swap Till You Drop

Of all the difficult subjects broached in a medium known for its lack of subtlety, psychological horror is among the toughest. While jump scares in Dead Space and Resident Evil offer momentary terror, the monsters stay trapped on the disc or hard drive when the game is turned off.