Playlist: May 31st

Apologies for the dry week; life hit Colin and I square in the nose, and we’ve been chasing him ever since, demanding an apology. Thankfully, we’re all bandaged up and ready to fight another week. In the meantime, take a look at what we’ve been up to between summer courses and an unfortunate computer accident… …


Playlist: May 25th

So, how about that Xbox One, eh? “XONE,” if you’re feeling casual. We Scanners are a little skeptical, and it seems a lot of the internet is as well, but E3 will of course be the real judge of the thing.

Xbox One First Impressions

Both of our writers were tuned in to watch Microsoft’s unveiling of their new Xbox this morning, the Xbox One, and both were somewhat astounded at what they say. After some time to digest and consider the events, they’re here to give you their thoughts.  Colin: I promised myself I’d use a minimum of profanity …


Playlist: May 18th

Been a quiet week on the article front, with a lot of planning for the weeks ahead. We still managed to warn you about the dangers of Denis Dyack, though, so I call this week a win. But enough banter. What have we been up to? PLAYED Brutal Legend Ben: I’ve only spent 90 minutes …


Denis the Menace

Denis Dyack, one of the many minds behind the beloved Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, has left Silicon Knights and founded Precursor Games. Denis Dyack wants to create a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness called Shadow of the Eternals, and has bombarded the usual channels with trailers, interviews, and screenshots.

Playlist: May 12th

As always, it’s been a solid week here at Scanline HQ. Between various family members ending their college semesters, an internship, and celebrating Mother’s Day, we managed to get in a few hours of stellar (and not so stellar) entertainment. In the time that it takes you to read what we’ve been up to, I’ll …


Let’s Argue: Reviews

Today, Ben and I wanted to take a look at a particularly divisive issue in games journalism, reviews. We’ve gone so far as adapting different review layouts for ourselves on this site, so it’s certainly something we strongly disagree about.