Skullgirls: Proof of Concepts

Fresh bit of news from the Skullgirls front– Lab Zero has created video demonstrations of how some of the more outlandish of the proposed DLC characters might work. These demos are made using existing assets, so they may look a little sloppy, but they get the point across, and should help anyone who contributed (or still wants to– talk to Lab Zero if you’re interested) decide how to place their votes!


Eliza’s power stems from a parasite in her body called Sekhmet that allows her to control her blood. Since the game has no blood effects yet, it’s simulated here using tomatoes, which, while hilariously awkward, does demonstrate the point well enough– the more you hit her, and the more locations on the stage that you hit her in, the more dangerous she becomes. Both players in a match involving Eliza would have to keep position in mind even moreso than usual.


The acrobatic Feng’s unique feature is her ability to send her two pet birds into the sky, and use them to redirect her aerial momentum. In practice, this functions very much like Bang Shishigami’s bumpers from BlazBlue, allowing Feng to cover great distances in the air very quickly, or change direction rapidly to confuse opponents. I was never able to master Bang’s bumpers, but those that did were essentially impossible to pin down, and the value of such a tool is hard to overstate.


A personal favorite of mine, Isaac can control time (to an extent). The way this shows up in gameplay is that he can summon himself from the future to do attacks. After doing so, he has a brief countdown to when the move needs to be executed, and then he briefly disappears as he time travels to go do the attack that he already did. Boy. That sounded confusing.

His opponent can mess with time too, however. Hit Isaac as he’s preparing to travel back, and you get back the health that the attack took away, because it never happened. Hit him while he’s doing the attack, and once the timer is up, and he travels, he’ll take the damage. It’s a little confusing to keep track of, so watch the video, and you’ll get the hang of it.


The support specialist of the elite Black Egrets special forces squad, Molly’s most interesting ability is that she can enhance a teammate’s supers. By inputting one of her support supers while a teammate is doing their own super, she can enhance it with damage, or vampiric properties, or more. To people who prefer to have one main character with another simply acting as backup, this is a pretty incredible boon.


Essentially a half-human, half-giant, Scythana is a massive brute-force fighter who is able to pick up and fight with the bodies of anyone who has been KOed. Skullgirls already allows interaction with the bodies of the fallen– Valentine’s level 5 super allows her to raise a fallen partner. Scythana takes that to another level, however, as she is able to use bodies to extend the range of her attacks, as well as perhaps add additional properties to them? I guess we’ll see, if she gets voted in.

If you want to learn more, head on over to the DLC character page and read up on what they are proposing. Personally, I’m pretty excited– some of these are ideas that I’ve never seen before in a fighting game, and it really gets me pumped to see this kind of fresh thinking. Cheers!