Red Light, Greenlight

It’s no secret that Steam Greenlight, Valve’s attempt to crowdsource approval of new titles for Steam, has been something less than a success. Valve has rigidly stuck to their guns with the program, but even they admit (quietly, privately) that it hasn’t turned out how they’d hoped.

Goddamn Mondays: 4/29

It’s Monday, and god dammit. So let’s cheer ourselves up with some quality video games! I wanted to play some SNES games, but as it turns out, I’ve actually played almost all the SNES titles that I own… and the few that remain wouldn’t really work for a Goddamn Mondays. So instead, we’re going classic …


Playlist: April 27th

Finals are finally coming to a close for Ben, and for me, the busy season of work rolls on for a few weeks yet. Microsoft finally made a formal announcement of their announcement of the next Xbox, and Ratchet and Clank is getting a movie with a theatrical release. Hell of a week.

The Monaco Job

  Picture this; you’re casing a bank with three other partners in crime, each bringing their own skillset to the table. You pick the lock of a door, allowing the Lookout to observe the layout and memorize the guard patterns.

Let’s Agree: The Next Xbox

For this special edition of Let’s Argue, Ben and I will not be arguing. The next Xbox is coming, and Microsoft is botching the reveal process SO badly that we just had to take a few minutes of your time to yell at them, together. What would Microsoft need to show, at this point, to …


Goddamn Mondays: 4/15

Welcome to Goddamn Mondays, where I open up the dark recesses of my backlog, and play games I’ve had lying around for years. This week, we’re playing the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Yes, the original Gamecube one. No, I haven’t played it. Well. I hadn’t, before this. I tell you what, I hope that …


A Sniper, a Spy, and a Tray of Cocktails

After your first play session of SpyParty, you will walk away with two things: shaking hands, and awesome stories. The game is unbelievably tense as either of the game’s two roles– as a sniper, you find yourself staring at a screen looking for the smallest inconsistencies and odd behavior from the assembled guests at this …